FREE WEBINAR: Go Big With Miniature Gardening – Sign Up Now! Click here for five of Garden Media Group's best millennial marketing tips. Looking to increase your miniature gardening business? Here are 13 helpful tips to give this category big potential. Stay relevant year round with this threefold retail approach from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. An eclectic San Francisco played host to this summer’s GCA tour. Here are a few highlights.
December 18, 2014
Sakata has developed two comprehensive how-to documents for landscapers, the “Landscaper’s Guide to SunPatiens” and the “SunPatiens Floating Garden Guide." Sakata’s hybrid... more
December 15, 2014
Southern Living Plant Collection has unveiled 37 new introductions for 2015 that offer something for everyone. Each new introduction was specifically chosen for its high... more
December 10, 2014
The Greater Columbus (Ohio) Convention Center will play host to the annual midwest nursery, landscape and garden center CENTS Marketplace & University exhibition Jan. 7-9... more
December 09, 2014
The official central reservation website for the 2015 California Spring Trials is now open and attendees can begin to make reservations. The California Spring Trials will... more
November 03, 2014
This layout is loaded with inspiring retail photography. To fully enjoy it, please click the PDF link below. more
November 03, 2014
Situated more than 100 miles from the nearest population center — Detroit — in a city with less than 5,000 residents — Frankenmuth — Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland has made... more
November 03, 2014
My wife Rosemary and I just returned from an extended adventure — spending the month of September driving through England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of... more
November 03, 2014
Wasn’t it five or six years ago when many of us were turning our noses up to miniature gardening? We didn’t take it seriously. We called it a fad. Said it wouldn’t last. Said... more
November 03, 2014
Millennials are digitally obsessed and socially charged — and they’re the fastest growing group of garden consumers in the country. The Millennial generation, those born... more
easy pro split face basalts

Dark earth tone with polished top and split side, adds character to any outdoor setting. Available in 24-inch and 48-inch heights with an average thickness of 7-inch and 140-inch width. Available individually or in a 24-inch kit which includes two 24-inch basalts, basin, LED light, pump and... more

  • easy pro split face basalts
    Dark earth tone with polished top and split side, adds character to any outdoor setting. Available in 24-inch and 48-inch heights with an average thickness of 7-inch and 140-inch width. Available...
    easy pro split face basalts
  • uv protectant spray gsi
    Finally a clear, non-yellowing, UV Protectant spray that protects all types of outdoor décor, furniture, fountains, and garden accents against fading, peeling & cracking. Extends the life of all...
    uv protectant spray gsi
  • spring meadow proven winners ilex
    Little Goblin ilex shines with abundant, extra-large fruit on a compact plant. This tetraploid stays a tidy 3-5 feet, making it an integral piece for winter interest in small gardens, mass plantings...
    spring meadow proven winners ilex
  • spring meadow proven winners ceanothus
    Marie Gold ceanothus continues the mission of the Marie series to combine the hardiness of East Coast varieties with the vivid flower color of the West Coast. With golden foliage and rich pink summer...
    spring meadow proven winners ceanothus
  • proven winners rose
    Oso Easy Double Red rose is an extremely floriferous, easy-growing variety with an abundance of bright red, doubled blooms with orange undertones. It maintains a nice rounded habit at 3-4 feet and...
    proven winners rose
  • suntory landscape roses
    Sunrosa roses from Suntory Flowers offer superior disease resistance and a manageable growth habit. Two new colors, Fragrant Pink and Orange Delight, bring the series to five colors. Plants are...
    suntory landscape roses
  • nepeta junior walker
    Junior Walker is a compact version of its parent, Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’. At 1/3 the size, it blooms for a long time throughout the growing season. It is more floriferous than some other Nepeta...
    nepeta junior walker
  • modern sprout garden sack
    A kitchen garden kit that includes all the growing necessities for three culinary herbs, and features a self-watering container hidden inside an upcycled burlap coffee bean sack. Includes: Reservoir...
    modern sprout garden sack
  • biosafe hydroponic
    BioSafe Systems recently announced the BioSafe Disease Control Ready to Spray concentrate is now labeled and EPA registered for use in hydroponic systems. Use BioSafe Disease Control in hydroponic...
    biosafe hydroponic
  • wallaroo hat
    With a 4-inch wire-edged brim, the Wallaroo Ginger Hat is lightweight and breathable for any of your gardening pursuits. From daisies to daffodils, this woman’s hat has a 50+ UPF rating to protect...
    wallaroo hat
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