FREE WEBINAR: Go Big With Miniature Gardening – Sign Up Now! Click here to find out Lawn & Garden Retailer's 2014 Merchandiser of the Year. Five tips to attract more wild bird business. The owners from Portland's Voodoo Doughnuts and Chicago's Doughnut Vault share a half-dozen of their most delicious branding tips. Jennifer Schamber of Greenscape Gardens shares her experiences with Square — a mobile credit card processing app.
October 29, 2014
Terra Nova Nurseries announced today a new 2015 Sneak Peek introduction, now available for growers to pre-order, called Agastache ‘Kudos Yellow’. This new variety joins the... more
October 29, 2014
The trends report, published annually since 2001, finds that gardening goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle. People see both outdoor and indoor spaces as extensions of... more
October 23, 2014
On Wednesday, November 12, at 2 p.m. EST, Clark Hermanson, garden center manager of Chicago's Pesche's Garden Center, will present a webinar to help you get the most out of... more
October 21, 2014
According to a letter on the homepage of its website, Baker Nursery in Phoenix will close for good on December 31, 2014, after 46 years of service.     Founder Jim... more
September 15, 2014
For a comprehensive collection of must-have garden products and retail services for your independent garden center, please click the PDF link below. more
September 15, 2014
A little offseason trendspotting can do a world of good for your garden center displays. It might even make you Lawn & Garden Retailer’s Merchandiser of the Year.... more
August 04, 2014
The craving to satisfy a sweet tooth has led to many crazes throughout the last few years: cupcake bakeries, frozen yogurt stores, novelty doughnut shops. Although people’s... more
August 04, 2014
I think I’ve been around just long enough to consider myself a seasoned trade show veteran. With that said, it takes a little more today than it did, say, five years ago... more
August 04, 2014
Lawn & Garden Retailer’s 2014 Merchandiser of the Year is down to five finalists. Thanks to support from contest sponsors — Dramm, Braun Horticulture and MasterTag — we... more

The Jump Start Mini Greenhouse Kit delivers big results in a small space! Start seeds indoors or propagate cuttings any time of the year. Each kit includes a reusable watertight base tray, 24-cell insert, vented humidity dome, 3-by-20-inch heat mat and growing media — choose from Rockwool Macro... more

  • The Jump Start Mini Greenhouse Kit delivers big results in a small space! Start seeds indoors or propagate cuttings any time of the year. Each kit includes a reusable watertight base tray, 24-cell...
  • High style meets garden decor! Pretty enough to set on a table or in a garden bed, Novelty’s new Elegant watering can design was loosely based on the idea of a wine carafe! Comfort and control of...
  • The Universal T5 Stand allows you to set the exact lighting height to get your seedlings or fresh cuttings off to their best starts ever. Achieving the optimum 3-6-inch lighting distance from the...
  • Create a mini-masterpiece to enjoy throughout the year. Syndicate Home and Garden’s terrarium containers in an array of shapes and sizes open up a myriad of possibilities for any space or personal...
  • From the makers of the Smart Pots, the Big Bag Bed is constructed from the same porous fabric which dissipates excess heat and encourages excess water to evaporate. This porous fabric has a unique...
  • Offering a more rustic look than other planters, the barrel planters are made to meet a wide variety of needs. Beautifully crafted, they will make a perfect addition to any patio or deck. Available...
  • Modena self-watering planters add refined elegance to your home. Available in high gloss or matte finishes in a variety of sizes to suit a range of home decor, these sophisticated planters include an...
  • These heavy-duty benches bolt together to make a strong foundation. Once bolted together they can be moved from place to place. The stainless steel assembly hardware allows for tear down and...
  • This circular, island display is a paradise for large merchandise. Oversized pots, baskets, garden décor and accessories will fit —and shine — on the CD3570. With a 7-foot radius base, 5-foot middle...
  • The double-face model holds sign cards back to back. Durable galvanized steel and riveted construction keep the sign holders usable and looking good for years. Heavy gauge 7-by-7-inch base plate...
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