Own your only. Learn how to master your marketplace with a single word. Looking for the next big thing from California Spring Trials 2014? We've got you covered. Travel up Ohio State Route 306 just east of Cleveland to visit the “auto mall” of garden centers and get inspired. Has the “grow your own” movement spilled into your store? Could you offer services for the increasing number of restaurants looking to grow? Jennifer Schamber of Greenscape Gardens shares her experiences with Square — a mobile credit card processing app.
July 28, 2014
International television star and landscape designer Jamie Durie selected AmericasMart Atlanta for the American debut of his Jamie Durie Signature collection. The new... more
July 23, 2014
Sakata Seed America announced at Cultivate'14 that the company has signed an agreement with Schoneveld Breeding for the sales and distribution in the United States and Canada... more
July 23, 2014
At Cultivate’14 last week, AmericanHort announced a pledge to support the  Horticultural Research Institute with a gift of up to $100,000. The association is committing... more
July 23, 2014
Home gardeners looking for an organic choice in their plant nutrition can now purchase Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 through their favorite garden center. Retail... more
July 03, 2014
An edibles explosion hasn’t just captivated backyard gardeners looking to grow a few fruits or vegetables alongside ornamentals. Consumers want their favorite local... more
July 03, 2014
In a recent issue of Big Grower Bottom Line, the esteemed Tim Hodson, editorial director of GPN, Big Grower and Lawn & Garden Retailer publications, wrote a story about... more
July 03, 2014
*This merchandising layout features a bunch of inspiring photos. Please click on the PDF link below to get inspired. more
July 03, 2014
With so many choices, picking the crops that are sure to make your plant lineup shine can be a challenging feat. Lawn & Garden Retailer has assembled a snapshot of this... more
July 03, 2014
*This layout is jam-packed with great photos for California Spring Trials 2014. Please click the PDF link below to see the layout in its entirety.  They say trends are... more

The SunPatiens family is growing with the five newest members: Compact Pink and Royal Magenta, Spreading Clear White, Scarlet and Shell Pink. Sun or shade, rain or shine, spring thru fall, SunPatiens won’t quit! These colorful, low-maintenance performers mean more color and less work. Super easy... more

  • The SunPatiens family is growing with the five newest members: Compact Pink and Royal Magenta, Spreading Clear White, Scarlet and Shell Pink. Sun or shade, rain or shine, spring thru fall, SunPatiens...
  • New Designables by Custom Décor feature a two-sided vinyl image on a 24-inch powder coated stake (sold separately). Over 50 interchangeable images attach with magnetic strips and show on both sides...
  • Wall suns bring joy to any outdoor or indoor space. Handmade in Jalisco, Mexico, with many varieties and sizes to choose from, the center is pottery then a decorative metal frame is made. Then each...
  • Holiday Globe Lights by Woods International are a unique way to decorate for any special occasion. These lighted holiday globes are inflatable and lightweight for easy hanging. They deflate quickly...
  • The gray zinc, olive bucket lamp shades are great for indoor and outdoor use. They are available in both gray zinc and rusty finishes as well as in 9- and 12-inch sizes. They are great for decorative...
  • The AquaFarm is now available as a direct-sale item. The all-natural ecosystem is a tabletop system, which requires minimal maintenance. The system includes the 3-gallon acrylic tank, organic herb...
  • Aqua Ultraviolet has always been known for its UV Sterilizers that control algae and the spread of fish disease. Did you know that the Ultima Bio Mechanical Filter paired with the matched UV...
  • Are all your baskets round? Don’t be such a square. Try the new hexagonal Cage Baskets — set of three. This nesting set of three includes a 9-by-11, 10½-by-14 and 12-by-17-inch diameter basket. Like...
  • Have you ever had a magical tea party? These Fairies have one every day, complete with a sunflower table and toadstools for seats. The Fairy Fantasies collection from Safari Ltd. gives life to the...
  • The summer edition of Suntory’s “Easy Gardening Tips” app is available in iTunes. The interactive digital publication inspires consumers to freshen their outdoor living spaces while providing a...
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