These six trends show just what appetizing varieties should be stocked and ready at your store. These four herbs have started heating up chef’s kitchens and making their way into homeowners’ gardens. An Atlanta popsicle company sources fruits, vegetables and herbs to create a tasty product. LiveTrends Design Group has captured movements sure to make for hot products on your shelves in 2015. WEBINAR: This free, 30-minute "Enchanting with Fairy Gardening" webinar is a look into one retailer’s success and commitment to this growing category. Consider the potential of mixed containers and packaged plant collections in a new and changing marketplace. 
May 05, 2015
Cortland Smith of Walnut Springs Nursery in Glenwood, Maryland, recently announced the formation of a new company, Sporticulture Inc. The new company will provide access to... more
May 05, 2015
PlantHaven International recently launched a national consumer ad campaign for Kaleidoscope Abelia. The company teamed up with BlueSkye Creative for the campaign, which... more
April 28, 2015
Grab your camera! Give us your best shot! Join some elite company and participate in this year's Merchandiser of the Year competition. Here's what you need to know... WHO’S... more
April 28, 2015
Arborjet is seeking applicants for its 2015 “Taking Root” Scholarship Program. Again this year, 10 graduating high school seniors will each receive a $1,000... more
May 05, 2015
Southern popsicle company, King of Pops, was established after CEO and founder Steven Carse traveled to Central America, where he found flavor inspiration from paleta, a... more
May 05, 2015
Have retailers collectively lost their minds, not being able to remember who helped keep them in business through good and, more importantly, bad times?  Have they... more
May 05, 2015
There is no doubt birdwatching is an old pastime, but that’s not to say it is outdated. In the U.S., more than 68 million people say they watch wildlife for recreation around... more
May 05, 2015
In my recent book, “Homegrown Herb Garden,” I tell readers “green is the new black.” I am speaking in culinary terms, of course.  Herbs were often referred to as mere “... more
May 05, 2015
Getting most kids to eat their fruits and vegetables is a Herculean task. The issue is rarely that they don’t like the taste and frequently that they won’t even try the food... more
Hot Skwash

Hot Skwash designs, makes and sells beautiful velvet pumpkins made with fine silk velvets and real squash, pumpkin and gourd stems. Working with local farmers, Hot Skwash harvests unwanted pumpkin and squash stems and recycles them into unique accents for in and outside the home. Each fanciful... more

  • Hot Skwash
    Hot Skwash designs, makes and sells beautiful velvet pumpkins made with fine silk velvets and real squash, pumpkin and gourd stems. Working with local farmers, Hot Skwash harvests unwanted pumpkin...
    Hot Skwash
  • CedarCraft
    CedarCraft has launched four new planters that deliver simple solutions to growing herbs, vegetables or flowers on patios, balconies, decks and other small spaces. The four shapes include Cascading...
  • Novelty Mfg.
    Developed by farming experts, the patented EarthBox gardening system is legendary for its ability to outperform and outproduce other gardening methods. This maintenance-free, award-winning gardening...
    Novelty Mfg.
  • Syndicate Home & Garden
    This innovative and chic Stackable Herb Garden is a unanimous favorite among urbanites. It is container gardening crafted for the kitchen with an emphasis on convenience and function for the smallest...
    Syndicate Home & Garden
  • Algreen Products
    Algreen’s Garden View Vertical Planter allows your customers to hang a planter on a fence, deck or wall. The Garden View includes integrated slots for customized positioning of the three planters....
    Algreen Products
  • Stone Age Creations
    Add a soothing melody to any outdoor setting. The Melody Bench, new from Stone Age Creations, encompasses beauty and tranquility through the combination of a hand-carved, natural stone top and...
    Stone Age Creations
  • ACHLA Designs
    This sumptuous Carlton Bench will likely become the favorite seat in the house. It has the pizzazz, the style and the heft to be the main attraction/focus of a garden, on a patio or in the courtyard...
    ACHLA Designs
  • LFS Glove
    This furniture-quality cherry wood rolling display, a $300 value, ships free of charge with minimum glove order. Buyers can choose one of three best-selling sets of Bellingham and Wonder Grip gloves...
    LFS Glove
  • Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs
    ‘Summer Skies’ butterfly bush is a high-drama plant destined for the summer garden. Its soft violet blue flowers contrast beautifully with the bright yellow and green variegated foliage. This is a...
    Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs
  • Proven Winners ColorChoice
    ‘Aphrodite’ sweetshrub has large, glossy foliage and beautiful, deep red flowers that bloom continuously throughout the summer. The magnolia-like blooms have a strong fragrance, unlike some...
    Proven Winners ColorChoice
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