Consider the potential of mixed containers and packaged plant collections in a new and changing marketplace.  Discover easy tips for great merchandising that can attract customers, boost sales and allow you to exercise your creativity.  TV personality and landscape designer Jamie Durie explains why vertical gardens are no longer just for commercial buildings and high-end homes. Aroma Workshop in Chicago discovers it's all about asking the right questions to help customers have a personalized experience. Five tips for scaling up your scaled-down offerings Using today’s technology is imperative if you want to attract project-oriented shoppers.
March 04, 2015
IGC Show officials have announced this summer's roster for the IGC Retail Conference at IGC East and IGC Chicago. The retail education program will offer attendees 30-... more
March 04, 2015
Driftwood Garden Center, Hillermann Nursery & Florist, Nicholson-Hardie and Ray Wiegand's Nursery are implementing the Epicor Eagle N SeriesT retail business... more
March 04, 2015
AmericanHort is "Changing the Game" at Cultivate'15, which will take place July 11-14, with two keynote presentations.    Curt Steinhorst is a... more
March 03, 2015
Greenstreet Growers, with three locations in Maryland and Virginia, has expanded its leadership team: Tracey Gatdula was appointed to the newly created position of director... more
March 04, 2015
At Aroma Workshop in Chicago, one does not simply walk in and pick a scent to produce a custom fragrance (unless you have done this before) without discovering what scent... more
March 04, 2015
Have you ever seen or read about the hordes of people camped outside an Apple Store or an Apple affiliate retailer such as Best Buy for days in advance of a new product... more
March 04, 2015
With spring already here, you may be looking for some easy, last-minute merchandising, display or seminar ideas to help sell more product in the coming weeks. Luckily, there... more
March 04, 2015
Jamie Durie took a break from shooting (see him on HGTV’s The Outdoor Room) for the U.S. debut of his Signature Collection at AmericasMart in Atlanta. While he was... more
March 04, 2015
First, allow me a prediction. Fairy gardening/miniature landscaping is not a fad and can be a profitable long-term category if we ensure customer success.   We have all... more

The Mini-Dragon offers an opportunity to experience flaming for natural weed control, effectiveness with extreme convenience and portability in eliminating weeds safely without chemicals. The Mini-Dragon is powered by clean burning propane from a small propane cylinder (not included) providing... more

  • Mini-dragon
    The Mini-Dragon offers an opportunity to experience flaming for natural weed control, effectiveness with extreme convenience and portability in eliminating weeds safely without chemicals. The Mini-...
  • Bloem Living LLC
    Bloem’s wireframe planter display is the perfect tool to showcase the classic Milano Planter your customers know and love. The display holds planters in four different sizes (7, 10, 12 and 14 inches...
    Bloem Living LLC
  • Recycled Containers
    Available in many different sizes and colors, these containers are perfect for the earth-friendly conscience consumer. Made of recycled hard plastic for both indoor and outdoor use.
    Recycled Containers
  • ACHLA Design
    For 2015, ACHLA Designs offers a new assortment of plant stands including the Cascading Plant Stand, which features three flowerpot rings at various levels to create a profusion of cascading flowers...
    ACHLA Design
  • Big Bad Bed
    From the makers of the Smart Pots, the Big Bag Bed is constructed from the same porous fabric which dissipates excess heat and encourages excess water to evaporate. This porous fabric has a unique...
    Big Bad Bed
  • Algreen Valencia
    Algreen’s Valencia line of planters feature an innovative composite resin that blends stone, wood and recycled plastic to create a durable and decorative finish that is sure to complement any decor,...
    Algreen Valencia
  • IGC Show
    Martha Stewart returns to the IGC Show stage this summer, bringing the pointed consumer insights that made her IGC Chicago keynote last summer the talk of the industry – this time, at IGC East! More...
    IGC Show
  • American in Bloom
    America in Bloom envisions communities across the country as welcoming and vibrant places to live, work and play benefitting from colorful plants and trees; enjoying clean environments; celebrating...
    American in Bloom
  • AmericanHort
    Cultivate’15, the largest all-industry horticulture exposition and convention in North America, will be July 11-14 in Columbus, Ohio. The event gathers professionals from all aspects of the...
  • Gardenware
    Since 1986, garden centers and nurseries throughout North America have been making labels, tags and signs using Gardenware’s labeling software and materials. The libraries include about 7,500 plants...
As many of you may know, there’s a well-known rule (err … tradition) here in Chicago that you don’t put... more
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Some people are just plain hard to shop for. Whether they’re the type of people that go out and buy something... more
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  I’m sure that, like me, you leave educational events and trade shows, such as the OFA Short Course,... more
    Let’s see… while I have one daughter who isn’t yet engaged, I do have a son and a daughter who... more

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