LiveTrends Design Group has captured movements sure to make for hot products on your shelves in 2015. Geranium: One jewelry boutique’s unique ideas can inspire signs for your garden center. As the Plant Something campaign adds more partners, garden centers see the value of the program as a marketing tool. The National Hardware Show in Las Vegas celebrates a big milestone with a new layout and more buying opportunities. WEBINAR: This free, 30-minute "Enchanting with Fairy Gardening" webinar is a look into one retailer’s success and commitment to this growing category. Consider the potential of mixed containers and packaged plant collections in a new and changing marketplace. 
March 31, 2015
Effective Oct. 1, 2015, Scotts will service independent retailers through an exclusive distribution arrangement with National Prime Source. Established in 1992, National... more
March 30, 2015
The Horticultural Research Institute has collaborated with AmericanHort, Society of American Florists and the American Floral Endowment to produce an educational video... more
March 30, 2015
At Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, from April 4 to May 31, enjoy hundreds of lush acres featuring daffodils, tulips, azaleas and more, while flowering... more
March 26, 2015
This year's 2015 Wild Bird Expo, in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Heart of America Gift Show, will be held in Mexico, Missouri, on Sep. 29-30 and Oct. 1. Many details and... more
April 01, 2015
  Geranium, an independently owned jewelry and accessories boutique based in the Midwest, boasts intrinsic signage with eye-catching designs and one-of-a-kind displays... more
April 01, 2015
Like many of you, especially those in the Millennial generation, I like to tinker and try to fix things on my own, without calling in professional help or taking the problem... more
April 01, 2015
When I begin to work with a client, the first thing I do is look for low-hanging fruit. What are the easy- to-pick-up profit dollars that are otherwise rotting on the vine?... more
April 01, 2015
  May is often a tough time for lawn and garden retailers to get away from their stores, but the National Hardware Show offers the perfect excuse for a quick (and... more
April 01, 2015
From bonus bucks to steep discounts, shoppers want to know what’s in it for them when they walk into a store. Products and services are important, but often they are hunting... more
Classic Baluster

The Redy-Garden is an easy-to-assemble raised garden/flower bed. The innovative design lets you expand your garden to almost any size, shape or height desired. No tools or digging required. It is easy on the back and can be set up virtually anywhere. It is made from... more

  • Classic Baluster
    The Redy-Garden is an easy-to-assemble raised garden/flower bed. The innovative design lets you expand your garden to almost any size, shape or height desired. No tools or digging required. It is...
    Classic Baluster
  • Rolf C. Hagen Inc.
    Laguna’s new series of Pressure Flo Filters are high-pressure 1,000 to 4,000 gallon UV filters that are designed with enhanced filtration features for clean, pristine ponds. Click-Fit fast connectors...
    Rolf C. Hagen Inc.
  • EasyPro Pond Products
    EasyPro Pond Products has added new mag drive pumps to its family of Tranquil Décor water feature products. These pumps are ready for use in fountains and bubbler features with flow rates ranging...
    EasyPro Pond Products
  • RedHed
    The Garden Tool Master Kit from RedHed is an all-in-one modular garden tool set that allows users to switch up their tools in just a few seconds – all while providing a total of 32 different tool...
  • Growe Industries
    Keep compost in pots compacted with the Joseph Bentley Pot Tamper. Made of carefully finished, solid oak, this tamper features a circular base, making it particularly suited to tamping compost or...
    Growe Industries
  • Southern Living Plant Collection and Sunset Western Garden Collection
    Ideal as a low-­growing hedge and fast­-growing in the landscape, ligustrum ‘Sunshine’ offers year­-round golden foliage that flourishes in sun. This sterile, non­-invasive cultivar will not re­-seed...
    Southern Living Plant Collection and Sunset Western Garden Collection
  • Spring Meadow Nursery
    Tiny Tuff Stuff hydrangea’s flowers are so refined that it seems strange to call them tough. But they are. Extremely bud-hardy, this reblooming H. serrata reliably produces abundant doubled lacecap...
    Spring Meadow Nursery
  • Spring Meadow Nursery
    Seedless InSpired Pink butterfly bush produces large, clear pink blooms with a delightful fragrance and high nectar content. Spring Meadow Nursery has actually seen hummingbirds and butterflies...
    Spring Meadow Nursery
  • Spring Meadow Nursery
    Extremely fast growth and large lavender flowers set Full Blast hibiscus apart from the rest. The tropical blooms contrast with the thick green foliage and give temperate, full-sun gardens a lush...
    Spring Meadow Nursery
  • Greenleaf Nursery Co./Garden Debut
    Short n’ Sweet Sweetspire is a compact, deer-resistant shrub with fragrant flowers and attractive fall foliage. It is desired primarily for its fragrant white flowers in summer and its attractive,...
    Greenleaf Nursery Co./Garden Debut
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