Winners Circle: A list of award-winning varieties to help you find plants perfect for your lineup. View standout merchandising display ideas from the 2015 California Spring Trials. A California cycling shop demonstrates the importance of product familiarity. These six trends show just what appetizing varieties should be stocked and ready at your store. These four herbs have started heating up chef’s kitchens and making their way into homeowners’ gardens. Consider the potential of mixed containers and packaged plant collections in a new and changing marketplace. 
July 06, 2015
The Garden Center Group and Garden Media Group join forces to become 2015-2016 trend partners to help independent garden centers meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumer. The... more
July 01, 2015
All-America Selections (AAS) will promote AAS Winners in the form of cooking videos that use vegetables/edibles that performed well in AAS Trials. More than 325 varieties... more
June 30, 2015
Master Nursery Garden Centers (MNGC) will introduce an expansion of the Bumper Crop Line of organic soils and soil amendments at Cultivate’15 in Columbus Ohio, July 12-14.... more
June 29, 2015
Four Star Greenhouse Inc., in Carleton, Michigan, has announced the dates for its 2015 summer events. Growers and retailers are invited to visit Four Stars facilities for... more
June 05, 2015
Chad Nordwall’s passion for cycling and fellow riders led him to open his own store, Above Category, in the San Francisco Bay Area. A key factor for wanting to open his own... more
June 05, 2015
Often, we get too close to our businesses to truly appreciate the real world of choices and expectations consumers have on what and where they spend their money and why they... more
June 05, 2015
Every business wants great results. Every business wants great employees who run great operations that deliver great service. Of course they do. But for most businesses it’s... more
June 05, 2015
Gardens in 2015 are seeing bold colors and drought-resistant, easy-to-care-for plants that are suitable for containers, borders and landscapes. Each year, judges look at... more
June 05, 2015
Approximately 20 to 25 percent of sales come from Barlow’s Dirty Glove Club members. These customers make up 15 percent of shoppers and have an average sale of $860. Members... more
Dramm Corporation

The Revolution 9-Pattern Spray Gun is Here. Comfort style and precision, under your thumb! Aids in any outdoor function involving water: wash your car; clean your deck and sidewalk; water your flowers and young trees. Easily switch between... more

  • Dramm Corporation
    The Revolution 9-Pattern Spray Gun is Here. Comfort style and precision, under your thumb! Aids in any outdoor function involving water: wash your car; clean your deck and sidewalk; water your...
    Dramm Corporation
  • Featherock
    The natural structure behind Featherock’s heat-resistant pumice rock makes it safe up to 2,390° F, perfect for any fire feature. It won’t crack or explode, which keeps homeowners safe and leaves the...
  • EasyPro Pond Products
    The full lineup of EasyPro water treatments now includes 20 unique products available in a range of sizes for many applications. These treatments are designed for use in small water features to lake-...
    EasyPro Pond Products
  • Blue Thumb
    Pump Socks are popular with consumers who need to protect their pump from debris clogging the intake. Oftentimes pond owners place their pumps directly into the pond, and the Pump Socks help...
    Blue Thumb
  • Hydrofarm Inc.
    Available in six vibrant colors, these allow gardeners to easily identify plants at any stage of growth. Made from 0.19-0.20 virgin styrene, the tags are easily written on with permanent markers,...
    Hydrofarm Inc.
  • Auto Rain Lawn Gear
    Auto Rain Lawn Gear’s do-it-yourself lawn/garden irrigation kits are self-draining, which saves homeowners the time and possible expense of having to blow water out of the lines at the end of the...
    Auto Rain Lawn Gear
  • Pet Owners’ Lawn Rejuvenator is a new product that helps restore the natural pH of lawns that have been damaged due to pet urine, which leaves unsightly brown or “dead” patches of lawn. This easy-to-...
  • Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs
    ‘Dandy Man Purple’ is a perfect mix of hardiness and beauty. This hardy rhododendron grows well in USDA Zones 4 to 8 and dazzles with rich purple blooms on this attractive, dark-green, well-branched...
    Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs
  • EuroAmerican Propagators
    The Savvy Succulent 306 Packs are perfect to offer as a plant-your-own-dish garden item. The varieties have been selected based on trialed dish garden recipes to ensure color, texture and height...
    EuroAmerican Propagators
  • Volunteer Purchasing Group
    Identical to the national brand with the same ingredient, but not the same price. These herbicide granules provide pre-emergent weed and grass control in flower beds, around trees, shrubs and certain...
    Volunteer Purchasing Group
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