Become Lawn & Garden Retailer’s 2014 Merchandiser of the Year. Over $3,000 in Prizes! Binding Partnerships: This small-town bookstore has a best-selling story for Main Street success. Learn how to use the zoom effect in displays to avoid confusing customers. Tangletown’s Scott Endres explains why the work he puts into his landscape is an important part of the role he plays as garden center owner. Here are 5 ways to be positively Pinteresting. Jennifer Schamber of Greenscape Gardens shares her experiences with Square — a mobile credit card processing app.
April 18, 2014
Grab your camera! Give us your best shot! Join some elite company and participate in this year's Merchandiser of the Year competition. Here's what you need to know... THE... more
April 11, 2014
Forty years ago, Larry DeWitt worked as a landscaper during his senior year in college. What he didn't know at the time was how he would pioneer the use of landscape fabric... more
April 02, 2014
Costa Farms announced today that it has acquired the business, assets, and brands of Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses, Inc. of Apopka, Florida, one of the country’s premier... more
April 02, 2014
Home & Garden Showplace and the Garden Center Group Co-Op of Canada have partnered together to bring additional efficiencies to Canadian garden centers while helping the... more
April 02, 2014
Many people enjoy curling up with a good book (or maybe an e-reader nowadays). Independently owned bookstores, like many local businesses, have had to find ways to keep... more
April 02, 2014
As I pointed out in last month’s L&GR column, the business climate is far stronger today than it’s been over the past few years when we’ve been forced to deal with the... more
April 02, 2014
When you think of Pinterest, you might picture wedding planning and meal ideas. But Pinterest is so much more! For independent retailers, it’s fast becoming the place for you... more
April 02, 2014
This layout is packed to the brim with great merchandising photos from our visits to locally-owned garden centers in Dallas, Austin and New Orlenas. Click on the PDF link... more
April 02, 2014
Imagine a photograph of a Monarch butterfly. When you see the photograph you can immediately recognize it from its black-orange-white wing pattern. If you zoom in with camera... more

Veronica Moody Blues Series is a new, compact, four-color series of Veronica available in dark blue, light blue, mauve and pink. They begin blooming in late spring and will re-bloom into the fall if cut back in midsummer. Growing less than 1½ feet in height, they make great garden companions to... more

  • Veronica Moody Blues Series is a new, compact, four-color series of Veronica available in dark blue, light blue, mauve and pink. They begin blooming in late spring and will re-bloom into the fall if...
  • DeWitt Solar-Heating Gro-Tunnel with Hydrothermal Water Tubes create a perfect, warm, humid environment for your spring, fall and winter gardens. The DeWitt Solar Heating Gro-Tunnel is constructed of...
  • Arett Sales’ customers can save up to 50 percent off with Dealer Specials Mailers that are sent to customers throughout the year. Arett’s customers enjoy great savings on in-season and must have...
  • Anna’s Magic Ball arborvitae forms a neat and petite sphere of lime green. From Van Vloten Nursery in Canada, this cold-hardy shrub has good burn resistance and holds its color in winter. Full sun or...
  • ReBLOOM Azaleas are a new series of evergreen, disease-resistant, re-blooming azaleas that bloom in spring, summer and fall. Even high summer temperatures won’t stop these beauties from producing...
  • These artistically handcrafted and painted flamingos look great with either a small pond or a large lake setting. Pottery Express has a large assortment of critters including fish, frogs, salamanders...
  • Enjoy some of nature’s most magnificent flowers, hassle-free and year-round, no matter where you live. These unique garden torches are 100-percent powder coated for extreme year-round durability and...
  • Bring the essence of the constellation to any outdoor living space with Echo Valley’s new Mercury Spirit Lanterns. Individually produced from hand-blown glass, the elegance of the stepped tapered...
  • This Classic Telephone Booth Bird Feeder is one of five new styles in the new British Invasion collection. In this new series, for Doctor Who fans, the “Police Box Feeder” (aka Tardis) and also a...
  • The difference between the standard garden glove and a Hestra JOB garden glove is the fit, comfort and durability. The new Garden Bamboo glove is Hestra’s best-fitting, most comfortable dip glove yet...
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