Register now for a free, 30-minute miniature gardening webinar on Sep. 22. The 2015 Merchandiser of the Year has been announced! Take a look at the five finalists for our 2015 Merchandiser of the Year competition. Streamline the components of your miniatures lineup for retail success. Carefully tailored signage encourages shoppers to wander Eataly's open floor plan. These varieties turned heads at the California Spring Trials.
September 01, 2015
Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Sep. 22, at 2 p.m. Eastern time for Lawn & Garden Retailer's free, 30-minute webinar titled "Maximizing Miniature Gardening." ... more
September 01, 2015
The 2016 Garden Center Symposium is awarding a $1,000 unrestricted scholarship to a student studying horticulture or a related subject at a two- or four-year institution in... more
September 01, 2015
Griffin Greenhouse Supplies (“Griffin”) kicked off the 2015-16 booking season with the first of two Grower & Retailer Expos, held Aug. 26-27 at the Eastern States... more
August 31, 2015
American Beauties Native Plants, in partnership with grower Midwest Groundcovers, donated 220 pollinator-friendly native plants to Chicago’s Growing Solutions Farm, a... more
August 31, 2015
The decision of what to put front and center in the store is a difficult one. But for Molbak’s Garden + Home in Woodinville, Washington, it made sense to reserve that prime... more
August 31, 2015
Some products knock your socks off the minute you see them, but how often is this the case? It’s easier to be blown away when you see something in action, hear a story from... more
July 30, 2015
Consumers have plenty of dining options in Chicago; a myriad of choices for places to learn how to cook; and an even bigger selection of stores to shop for groceries. But... more
July 30, 2015
Gardening and birding really do go together! Aside from the fact that a love for these pastimes generally indicates an appreciation for the great outdoors, statistically... more
July 30, 2015
Every gardener knows that plants are magical. The way a new leaf unfurls, the way a parched plant comes back to life with a bit of water, the way some flowers close at night... more
Surreal Planters

Surreal Planters are molded in high-density polyurethane and hand-painted to match the appearance of natural birch or white oak logs. The closed-cell polyurethane is water tight and insulates plant roots from damaging heat in summer and from cold in cooler months. At just 4 ½ pounds for a 23-... more

  • Surreal Planters
    Surreal Planters are molded in high-density polyurethane and hand-painted to match the appearance of natural birch or white oak logs. The closed-cell polyurethane is water tight and insulates plant...
    Surreal Planters
  • Weed Recede
    Weed Recede is an all-in-one weed barrier mulch bag that is soil degradable. The packaging is safely installed in the soil and acts like a weed barrier. It helps retain moisture and eliminates...
    Weed Recede
  • Terra Verde Home Line
    Terra Verde, the brand that independent garden centers and hardware stores have known for the last 25 years, has introduced its new Terra Verde Home line. This line of outdoor living furniture,...
    Terra Verde Home Line
  • Neat-Feet
    Looking for a new item to differentiate your store? Neat-Feet is the quick and easy way for your customers to clean their shoes, boots or cleats and leave the dirt outside. Neat-Feet sells well year-...
  • Empire Canning Jars
    Empire Canning Jars, a new joint venture led by Alliance Foods Inc., has introduced a new and independent line of true “Mason” jars, the first to reach the retail market in more than 25 years....
    Empire Canning Jars
  • Birdhouse & Nesting Pocket Cleaner
    This product is perfect for getting birdhouses ready for winter and for cleaning them after the summer brood. Birdhouse & Nesting Pocket Cleaner is non-toxic and made with food-grade enzymes that...
    Birdhouse & Nesting Pocket Cleaner
  • Dramm Corp, Rain Wand
    Gives you complete and total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. Efficiently saves time and water while watering plants, flowers and shrubbery. The One Touch Rain Wand is made with...
    Dramm Corp, Rain Wand
  • Pro Grade Cutting Tools
    Terra Verde’s new line of Pro Grade Cutting Tools feature pruners and loppers with titanium-coated blades, comfort grip handles and a lifetime warranty. Contact Arett Sales, the Premier distributor...
    Pro Grade Cutting Tools
  • Burl Texture Entry Doors
    Living Sculpture fuses an organic aesthetic with eco-friendly cementitious polymers that boast an unparalleled flexible, tensile strength with limitless design potential. The Burl Texture Entry Doors...
    Burl Texture Entry Doors
  • Steel Chimenea
    This modern design balanced with a rustic, raw finish blends perfectly in any outdoor room. Its unique shape looks cool while it keeps you warm. Made from heavy duty 16-gauge steel, this wood-...
    Steel Chimenea
On the radio during my commute this morning, the topic of conversation was Halloween costumes. Although I don... more
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