Become Lawn & Garden Retailer’s 2014 Merchandiser of the Year. Over $3,000 in Prizes! Binding Partnerships: This small-town bookstore has a best-selling story for Main Street success. Learn how to use the zoom effect in displays to avoid confusing customers. Tangletown’s Scott Endres explains why the work he puts into his landscape is an important part of the role he plays as garden center owner. Here are 5 ways to be positively Pinteresting. Jennifer Schamber of Greenscape Gardens shares her experiences with Square — a mobile credit card processing app.
April 22, 2014
Warp 9, provider of eCommerce solutions for midsize online sellers, has launched a new business-to-business eCommerce website for Prince Corp. along with fully managed cloud... more
April 22, 2014
Willie Degel, renowned restaurateur and star of Food Network's popular TV series Restaurant Stakeout, is ready to give IGC retailers a customer service wake-up call... more
April 22, 2014
The Nursery & Landscape Association Executives of North American (NLAE) announced at its April 17 annual membership meeting in Savannah, Georgia, the election of its... more
April 22, 2014
The Dramm Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high quality watering tools, is “Springing for Hope”. Each May, the Dramm Corporation will choose a non-profit organization... more
April 02, 2014
Many people enjoy curling up with a good book (or maybe an e-reader nowadays). Independently owned bookstores, like many local businesses, have had to find ways to keep... more
April 02, 2014
As I pointed out in last month’s L&GR column, the business climate is far stronger today than it’s been over the past few years when we’ve been forced to deal with the... more
April 02, 2014
When you think of Pinterest, you might picture wedding planning and meal ideas. But Pinterest is so much more! For independent retailers, it’s fast becoming the place for you... more
April 02, 2014
This layout is packed to the brim with great merchandising photos from our visits to locally-owned garden centers in Dallas, Austin and New Orlenas. Click on the PDF link... more
April 02, 2014
Imagine a photograph of a Monarch butterfly. When you see the photograph you can immediately recognize it from its black-orange-white wing pattern. If you zoom in with camera... more

The Modica Railing Planter is a revolutionary design and improvement to the standard railing planters of the day. It fits standard railings from 2-6 inches in width through a “step up” design that sits snug and sure footed. It has an outside diameter of 18 inches for great soil capacity and... more

  • The Modica Railing Planter is a revolutionary design and improvement to the standard railing planters of the day. It fits standard railings from 2-6 inches in width through a “step up” design that...
  • Introducing Pence Pets by Exhart, a new line of artisan designed animal sculptures that include resin pots, statues, garden stakes and ceramic dog bowls and cat dishes. Hand painted and hand crafted...
  • These unique planters adjust to fit any railing width from 1-4 inches. Whether it’s chain link fences, narrow wood rails, wrought iron or the new synthetic rails, the ingenius levelling arm helps...
  • CompoClay manufacturers both home décor and garden products from natural earth elements of water, sand and minerals, giving it a natural feel in texture and color. A green alternative to the...
  • This inviting planter box is new for spring 2014 and made completely with PVC, which will not rot or crack. The panels are polished copper with a personalized initial of your choice. It is available...
  • This new product is made out of strong, durable HDPE plastic and is 100 percent made in the U.S. It fits on any 4-by-4 post. Beautify any corner of the deck, mailbox, birdfeeder and fence post. No...
  • Novelty’s versatile, generous-sized Patio Pod container at 23½-by-18-by-7 inches is ideal for growing herbs, small vegetables and succulents. Fairy garden fanatics will enjoy the broad surface space...
  • Whoa — It’s huge! Over 18 square feet of green wall is displayed in this 7 foot high unit. The 104 potted plants add lush interior landscapes to hotels, malls, commercial and retail settings with...
  • Enjoy how this oven can bring family and friends together to experience an unbelievable interactive backyard cooking experience. Food prepared in the oven tastes incredible! The unique trademarked...
  • A time-tested, accurate proportioning device designed for small-scale growers, the siphon mixer dispenses fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and other water-soluble chemicals through a hose....
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