These six trends show just what appetizing varieties should be stocked and ready at your store. These four herbs have started heating up chef’s kitchens and making their way into homeowners’ gardens. An Atlanta popsicle company sources fruits, vegetables and herbs to create a tasty product. LiveTrends Design Group has captured movements sure to make for hot products on your shelves in 2015. WEBINAR: This free, 30-minute "Enchanting with Fairy Gardening" webinar is a look into one retailer’s success and commitment to this growing category. Consider the potential of mixed containers and packaged plant collections in a new and changing marketplace. 
May 21, 2015
Two students enrolled in a horticultural (or related) degree program can win a networking opportunity of a lifetime with GrowIt!’s 2015 Friends & Family app contest... more
May 21, 2015
Garden Centers of America’s (GCA) Best Garden Center Bathroom Awards, now in their fifth year, recognize IGC retailers whose restrooms contribute to the store’s favorable... more
May 20, 2015
Steve Maiscalco joins the BioSafe Systems as retail tech rep to focus primarily on driving retail sales. As a technical representative, Maiscalco will build relationships... more
May 18, 2015
Grab your camera! Give us your best shot! Join some elite company and participate in this year's Merchandiser of the Year competition. Here's what you need to know...  ... more
May 05, 2015
Southern popsicle company, King of Pops, was established after CEO and founder Steven Carse traveled to Central America, where he found flavor inspiration from paleta, a... more
May 05, 2015
Have retailers collectively lost their minds, not being able to remember who helped keep them in business through good and, more importantly, bad times?  Have they... more
May 05, 2015
There is no doubt birdwatching is an old pastime, but that’s not to say it is outdated. In the U.S., more than 68 million people say they watch wildlife for recreation around... more
May 05, 2015
In my recent book, “Homegrown Herb Garden,” I tell readers “green is the new black.” I am speaking in culinary terms, of course.  Herbs were often referred to as mere “... more
May 05, 2015
Getting most kids to eat their fruits and vegetables is a Herculean task. The issue is rarely that they don’t like the taste and frequently that they won’t even try the food... more
Blue Thumb

Blue Thumb’s bulk food program is a great way to inject new profits into your pond department. Premium Sakana Koi & Goldfish Food comes in two flavors: Growth & Color and Spring & Autumn Diet. No need to complicate your offering with dozens of types and sizes – two varieties and one... more

  • Blue Thumb
    Blue Thumb’s bulk food program is a great way to inject new profits into your pond department. Premium Sakana Koi & Goldfish Food comes in two flavors: Growth & Color and Spring & Autumn...
    Blue Thumb
  • BioSafe Systems
    New GreenCleanO2+ keeps fish happy when water temperatures are high and oxygen levels are low. GreenCleanO2+ adds vital oxygen and helps maintain water quality and clarity by reducing debris and...
    BioSafe Systems
  • CityKraft
    The Garden Utility Vehicle is a light (weighs 3 1/2 pounds), durable and strong (up to 100-pound weight capacity) utility hauler that works great with any heavy or bulky item. It moves items easily...
  • Mantis
    The Mantis 2-Cycle and 4-Cycle small tiller models now feature contoured handle design and Sure-Grip handles for maximum control and comfort. They have a flush-mounted throttle, palm-controlled...
  • Arett Sales
    Williams Bay Outdoor Products specializes in decorative fiberglass and stonelite planters and urns – the latest in European design trends and stone finishes. Beautiful and elegantly crafted with...
    Arett Sales
  • Bloem Living
    Are your planter shelves and displays catching the eye of your customers? Let the experts at Bloem help you maximize space with multiple display options that will brighten up your store and entice...
    Bloem Living
  • Hydrangea, Garden Debut
    Nantucket Blue Hydrangea is a repeat blooming selection with dense, leathery green foliage contrasting against an abundant summertime display of flower clusters, which last until frost. Sweetening...
    Hydrangea, Garden Debut
  • Dogwood; Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs
    Pucker Up! red twig dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) stops people in their tracks in the trial gardens. The distinctively puckered, glossy foliage is quite thick and delivers a high degree of leaf spot...
    Dogwood; Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs
  • Arborjet
    Eco-Mite Plus, a highly concentrated blend of organic botanical oils and extracts effectively kills and repels mites, aphids, mealybugs, scales, thrips and whiteflies as well as destroying their eggs...
  • Arett Sales
    The Squirrel Resistant Feeder from Audubon by Woodlink Feeders has a powder-coated finish with a decorative dragonfly motif and four squirrel-resistant, weight-activated perches that keep squirrels...
    Arett Sales
Mother’s Day is in the rearview mirror but hopefully strong spring sales have just begun. I know here in... more
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