Own your only. Learn how to master your marketplace with a single word. Looking for the next big thing from California Spring Trials 2014? We've got you covered. Travel up Ohio State Route 306 just east of Cleveland to visit the “auto mall” of garden centers and get inspired. Has the “grow your own” movement spilled into your store? Could you offer services for the increasing number of restaurants looking to grow? Jennifer Schamber of Greenscape Gardens shares her experiences with Square — a mobile credit card processing app.
July 28, 2014
International television star and landscape designer Jamie Durie selected AmericasMart Atlanta for the American debut of his Jamie Durie Signature collection. The new... more
July 23, 2014
Sakata Seed America announced at Cultivate'14 that the company has signed an agreement with Schoneveld Breeding for the sales and distribution in the United States and Canada... more
July 23, 2014
At Cultivate’14 last week, AmericanHort announced a pledge to support the  Horticultural Research Institute with a gift of up to $100,000. The association is committing... more
July 23, 2014
Home gardeners looking for an organic choice in their plant nutrition can now purchase Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 through their favorite garden center. Retail... more
July 03, 2014
An edibles explosion hasn’t just captivated backyard gardeners looking to grow a few fruits or vegetables alongside ornamentals. Consumers want their favorite local... more
July 03, 2014
In a recent issue of Big Grower Bottom Line, the esteemed Tim Hodson, editorial director of GPN, Big Grower and Lawn & Garden Retailer publications, wrote a story about... more
July 03, 2014
*This merchandising layout features a bunch of inspiring photos. Please click on the PDF link below to get inspired. more
July 03, 2014
With so many choices, picking the crops that are sure to make your plant lineup shine can be a challenging feat. Lawn & Garden Retailer has assembled a snapshot of this... more
July 03, 2014
*This layout is jam-packed with great photos for California Spring Trials 2014. Please click the PDF link below to see the layout in its entirety.  They say trends are... more

In the race to the bottom to see who can deliver the cheapest solar path light, Echo Valley’s gone the complete opposite direction with its elegant, high-luminosity and high-quality LunaLite NovaSphere. The colorful hand-blown glass orb affixed on each stake is beautifully illuminated at night... more

  • In the race to the bottom to see who can deliver the cheapest solar path light, Echo Valley’s gone the complete opposite direction with its elegant, high-luminosity and high-quality LunaLite...
  • Water gardens and frogs go hand in hand. Why not a colorful frog for perching on a rock or climbing on a wall in the garden? Offer a variety of colors and sizes for your customers to choose and...
  • Introducing the Graphics Collection made to enhance your home with bold fun pops of color. This collection includes six styles in two sizes each. The small pot measures 7-by-8 inches and the large...
  • New from Home Bazaar is the Brighton Beach Huts Birdhouse. This item features three functional nest boxes mounted together on one base. These colorful beach cabanas each have their own clean out and...
  • Georgetown Home and Garden introduces the new Flower Bud Birthday Babies coming to the marketplace in August 2014. An adorable range of babies that are 1½-2½ inches long and made of durable polyresin...
  • EasyPro Pond Products of Grant, Michigan, introduces these Spirit waterfall pumps with Italian engineering, reliable and energy efficient with a unique design. The pumps have double bearings and...
  • With an amazingly realistic pose not commonly seen in other whitetail baby fawn statues, this Design Toscano exclusive work of animal art emerges from a wooded thicket and bends to scratch its...
  • Increase Signs. Increase Sales! Signs serve like a silent sales team. Strategically placing signs in key locations throughout your nursery or garden center can help educate, inform and persuade your...
  • brookfield, containers
    Great new surfaces offered by The Brookfield Co. on their line of gorgeous weather-durable concrete planters are the hit of the season! Shown here is the textured, brick-color concrete with an...
    brookfield, containers
  • arett sales, artevasi
    These stylishly designed planters and window boxes feature sleek, chic European designs. Created by the oldest ceramic pottery producer in Portugal. They are 100-percent recyclable resin, UV...
    arett sales, artevasi
It's hard to believe Cultivate'14 is already in the rearview ... and AmericanHort is wasting no time getting... more
As the summer heat sets in and foot traffic at your store begins to wane a little, the foot traffic on your... more
A good buddy of mine just opened up a new training center in a big warehouse space on the westside of... more
  There comes a time in your life when you realize that you’re not that smart or creative; there are... more
  I’m sure that, like me, you leave educational events and trade shows, such as the OFA Short Course,... more
    Let’s see… while I have one daughter who isn’t yet engaged, I do have a son and a daughter who... more