Study: A Little Green Spreads Sunshine Around the Office

Employees in the green industry know what a mood booster plants can be in the work environment. But what about the cube dwellers, who can spend up to 52 hours a week basking in the fluorescent glow of their computers — do they know the benefits of plants in the workplace? A recent study in the February issue of HortScience has the data to back up what we already know.

“Study results showed that employees in offices without plants rated their job satisfaction low, while employees who worked with offices with live plants rated their job satisfaction higher,” said an article on “Additionally, employees in offices with plants rated their statements relating to bosses, coworkers, and their overall nature of work more positively when compared to employees in offices without plants.”

Here’s a scenario: Next time a tired guy in a rumpled suit trudges into your store just before close, looking for a bouquet of fresh cut flowers or a nice potted plant for his wife, show him this study and suggest that he consider a little something to take into the office as well! Who knows? You may see him again with a brighter expression, more energy and a willingness to spend a little more in your garden center!


HortScience, ScienceDaily

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